About Us

Basic principles of the working plan:

Our vision:
Public Relations combines a range of tools which helps you promote your interests. It is oriented to link you or your business to the media or to diverse levels of policymakers. Our goal is to choose along with you, the optimal tool box that will establish a leading brand.
A well planned Public Relations campaign will define & promote your marketing goals, whereas unprofessional PR campaign, may cause serious & sometimes irreversible damage.

Research and Communication Strategy:
Planning concise and detailed working plan for target audience, preparing a possible story type and relevant data for the media, so as to establish a chosen image to be followed by familiarity of the audience with it.

Marketing ideas to build up an image:
Along our daily work we aspire to enhance your business awareness in different media channels & among relevant target audience. We can also help you with designing an internet site and its maintenance and offer consultation for advertising plans.

Media relations:
This tool is effective when a continuous contact with the media (television, newspapers, and internet), is held  based on the predefined communication strategy. This enables us to stand out in a competitive market , pass on wanted messages and positive image and reinforce a chosen image or brand.
Detecting media stories – we perform the research, and create enticing stories for the media.
Press release  – we are using "media language" to draft press release in an intriguing way, editing, according to your comments, and find the relevant platform for it.
Identifying relevant events – our goal is to try and associate your business to the public agenda through both Government and Media channels.
Detect unique media channels – we seek creative media platforms in order to target different audience.

We see great importance in integrating public relations with marketing methods, and encourage cooperation between them. Along with media relations we provide assistance with the building & maintenance of internet sites, publishing and advertising.

Working methods:

  • We come up with the ideas and do the research.
  • We write a Press Release which is submitted to your approval.
  • When approved, we release the item to the relevant media channels.
  • We collect and send you all related publications.
  • We use current affairs to be applied in your favor, and tie you to issues and topics that are on the public's agenda and focus.

Shalom and welcome

In a world of images, any organization and its leadership know that to lead and be successful requires being unique, different and a cut above the rest.

If your company represents an organization (a business or third-sector organization), you too need to reach the Hebrew-reading public at times in order to achieve your organization's goals: building your company name and publicizing your services, activities and so forth.

You are welcome to contact us. We will select from the tools at our disposal those that will help you promote the interests of your organization vis-a-vis the Hebrew media (radio, television, press and Internet) in order to help build a leading, winning brand name for your organization and influence its target audiences.

We have long known what the majority of studies today prove: that public relations, built over time with the right tools, can serve to promote a company's interests. (We also know the damage that unprofessional handling can cause).

Together, we will build and promote a winning strategy, initiate activity, and work creatively-all in order to lead you to achieve your company's goals.

                                                                       Ofir and Staff

Who are we?

Ofir Shpigel's Media and Public Relations Ltd. office deals with strategic, media and image consulting for individuals, companies and public organizations. It promotes reciprocal relationship between Public, Press and Governmental institutions.
Our office combines Public Relations with Press and Government connections. We provide our clients with marketing services, branding, research and strategy build-up. This involves the promotion of Government as well as Press connections (including all media channels: TV, radio, newspapers and Internet). When required, we also handle media crisis.

Our work is based on identifying the relevant channels of the different media, mapping their needs and adjusting your messages accordingly.

To avoid conflict of interests we accompany only one client of a certain area, to avoid conflict of interests and provide him with the best professional service.

Heading our office is Ofir Shpigel – a Master's degree in Political Science, previously – a parliamentary assistant, spokesman for Israeli Kneset's committee. In the last few years provided political and communicative consultation to various  clients & organizations using a broad range of disciplines.